Weaving Olden Patterns: March 2016

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Feels like Spring

Hello fellow crafters!
I can't believe March is almost over and April's on its way... I think I won't be making woolly items for some time, as right now I'm busy testing a pattern for a friend and I'm working on it with thread, and by the time I'll be finished (should I manage to get through it) it'll be quite warm, soo... well, not a big deal, as I already have some lovely cotton/linen/&such stashed just waiting for some nice projects, but before that I want to show you my latest wool items. 
Today I'll write a bit about this Dragon tail scarf, or Drachenschwanz - doesn't that sound great? I've discovered it thanks to MariaGrazia Berno's FB group "Uncinetto tunisino, questo sconosciuto) and made it following an amazingly simple tutorial by the very talented Veronika Hug (Nata, you should find this interesting). I strongly recommend those of you interested in Tunisian crochet (and not only) to check out her YT channel: I don't speak German, but her videos are so good you can just turn the audio off and follow the images to understand how to make the stitches. I'm in awe of such talent, I must confess. Anyway, this was my first attempt at this project and I found it quite simple; the stitch is easy and once you get in the flow it just comes natural to make it row after row. So here you have a stitch that's almost as easy as the Tunisian simple stitch, but with a lacey look that makes the scarf look a bit special.
Only thing I'm not completely satisfied with is the width of my scarf: I decided to use some stash yarn I had ("Giada" by Mafil), but 220 g/880 m worked with a 10 mm hook proved to be not really enough to make myself a big, cosy Dragon tail. I tend to think of it as a Lizard tail. ;) Anyway that's just my problem, had I a bit more yarn the final item of course would have turned out bigger, so next time I buy yarn without a project in mind I'll make sure to get more, given my taste in scarves and such! 
And no, I'm not a yarn addict (Meredith, I told you I understand you).

Another time I'll write about the other wool project I've finished, but that requires a post all of its own...